Make Money With Tumblr Writing Sponsored Posts

You can make money with Tumblr by writing sponsored posts. Sponsored posts, also called promoted posts, is a form of advertising: Tumbloggers are paid to write and publish posts to their readership which promote a company, or a service. Writing sponsored posts is a reliable method to yield handsome profits from your Tumblr. Within my sphere of internet marketers and Tumbloggers, I have conducted research which unveils that writing sponsored posts is the third most common method used to make money with Tumblr.

There is a small amount of controversy regarding using this method to make money with Tumblr: many bloggers and blog readers alike believe that, because sponsored posts are bias, they sabotage the quality of their blogs; however, anyone that seriously wants to make money with Tumblr will understand that this is an irrelevant con to the smart Tumblogger: do not write sponsored posts frequently, and when you do, continue to make them interesting reads, seem genuine and include your writing flair.

You must research the company that you are promoting; ensure that the company does not have a significant amount of cases of having scammed customers, given terrible customer support, or corrupting its customers computers with bad files. There are other things to look out for which might not go down well with your followers, but you are owner of your Tumblr account and you should be able to identify these things. If you cant find anything about the company (positive or negative), it may be best not to promote them.

From my experience with making money with Tumblr by writing sponsored posts (and getting paid from them!), I highly recommend that if you, personally, wouldnt want to use the product or service that you are promoting, you should decide not to write the sponsored post.

It is extremely important that you examine the requirements and specifications that should be given to you. Assure that you meet all of the requirements and complete the work that is specified. Refrain, entirely, from mentioning that you are writing a sponsored post.

In addition, research the product or service that you are promoting so that you publish an article that is factually accurate. Remember to keep your writing style and make the sponsored post interesting to read. It is also vital that you make the promotion to be honestly written; establish some cons but then outweigh them with staggering pros.

You must deliver the URL of your sponsored post to the advertiser before the deadline ends. This is your responsibility, and if you are going to make money with Tumblr, you must accept it. If you do not deliver the URL before the deadline ends, you may be punished by the pay per post website that you signed up for. These punishments may hinder your ability to make money with Tumblr in the future. What is certain, is that you wont be seeing your money for the sponsored post.

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