Make Money With Tumblr Using Google AdSense

Tumblr, although a relatively new service, is a form of blogging. Sure, its been polished and made as straightforward as possibly imaginable, but its still a blog. This actuality means that we can use decade old methods to make money with Tumblr. It is actually very hard to think of a method that has been used to make money on the traditional blog, that cant be made using the newer Tumblr; for instance, Google Adsense has provided bloggers with a source of revenue for the last decade. And yes, you bet right, we can use Google AdSense to make money with Tumblr.

Google AdSense is a pay-per-click advertising program (which means that you place adverts, up to 3 on one page, and get paid per the amount of times a visitor clicks on the advert). You must register with Google Adsense, and they will review your application and your site, to make sure that you have the qualities that they expect from their members. This application process can take up to two weeks, however it is often shorter than this; for instance, my application was accepted on my third day of waiting. Do not be annoyed by a lengthy application process, as this will give you more time to learn about how to make money with Tumblr using Google AdSense. You may want to monetize your Tumblr instantly, but learning how to make money blogging will result in you being sufficiently informed to take action.

If you are going to make money with Tumblr, be aware that pay per click advertising is actually quite a hard way of monetizing your Tumblr. This is because visitors to your Tumblr blog are unlikely to visit your page on a recurring basis; however, they are likely to view content from their Tumblr dashboard. There are multiple methods which you can apply to your Tumblr blog to make money with Tumblr using Google AdSense, such as: get more Tumblr followers. You can do this by follower for follow schemes on Tumblr, or follow trains, or any other creative scheme you have in your mind. This is especially effective because before following you, most people visit your Tumblr to analyse the content that you publish. It is now that they may click your advertisements.

If you want to make money with Tumblr using Google Adsense, there are further methods that you can employ; for instance, start writing large amounts on your Tumblr if you dont already. If you write large extracts of text underneath images, or write the occasional article etc., then people who are reading your content via the Tumblr dashboard will have to view the full post on your Tumblr.

Another way to monetize your Tumblr using Google Adsense is to promote and target your blog to people who dont use Tumblr. This means that they will return your page on a frequent basis to check for your content, rather than follow you. Or, perhaps, you could adjust your theme on a weekly basis to encourage your readers to revisit.

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2 Responses to Make Money With Tumblr Using Google AdSense

  1. An infographic I read yesterday says that Tumblr is now ahead of WordPress. Lots of bloggers now prefer Tumblr over WP which means it has become a new source of earning money online through Google ads. Moreover, using Tumblr is easy too :)

  2. Yeah, Tumblr is becoming more and more popular. Dont know about WP but its more popuar than blogspot. Its for sure. And if you want to make some money with Tumblr then the best way (in my opinion surely) is to promote it among the non-Tumblr users (as you have mentioned it in the article).

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