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3 Tips That Work to Get More Tumblr Blog Followers

Once youve read my article 8 Tips to Create a Brilliant Tumblr Blog, you will want to learn how to get more Tumblr followers on your blog. I say more because its a cakewalk to tickle your first 3 followers from what Id define as getting lucky. Your Tumblr blog is your brilliant personal project, and thus I am sure that you do not feel satisfied with 3 followers. 3 is not a brilliant number. I pen this article with the intent of showing you how to get more Tumblr blog followers, illustrating 10 Tumblr blog tips that you should … Continue reading

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8 Tips to Create a Brilliant Tumblr Blog

If youre a crack addict, you appreciate the warm feeling of strolling your mouse towards your Tumblr shortcut and making that crisp click. Or perhaps youre the type to enter a frenzy of frantically typing variants of t./umblrsdas/ until youre corrected with the search term Tumblr, to then clamber into the den and eat forbidden fruit after fruit. Yes, I did convey the similitude of crack cocaine and Tumblr. But, if you do use Tumblr, you will know that the affects of Tumblr are are addictive you will find yourself crawling back for more lifestyle images and streetsnaps. But, … Continue reading

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Get More Followers on Tumblr: Follow for Follow

Users across all blogging platforms ponder the same question: How do I increase my follower count? Its completely understandable, because we all need people to read what we say. I dont think that even the most cunning bloggers would know how to make money blogging without readers. In this article, Ill advance your journey of learning how to make money blogging, in teaching you something that is key to making money with Tumblr: how to get more Tumblr followers by using the follow for follow method. Follow for follow, and follow trains This is one of the most obvious methods to … Continue reading

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Make Money With Tumblr Using Google AdSense

Tumblr, although a relatively new service, is a form of blogging. Sure, its been polished and made as straightforward as possibly imaginable, but its still a blog. This actuality means that we can use decade old methods to make money with Tumblr. It is actually very hard to think of a method that has been used to make money on the traditional blog, that cant be made using the newer Tumblr; for instance, Google Adsense has provided bloggers with a source of revenue for the last decade. And yes, you bet right, we can use Google AdSense to make money … Continue reading

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Make Money With Tumblr Writing Sponsored Posts

You can make money with Tumblr by writing sponsored posts. Sponsored posts, also called promoted posts, is a form of advertising: Tumbloggers are paid to write and publish posts to their readership which promote a company, or a service. Writing sponsored posts is a reliable method to yield handsome profits from your Tumblr. Within my sphere of internet marketers and Tumbloggers, I have conducted research which unveils that writing sponsored posts is the third most common method used to make money with Tumblr. There is a small amount of controversy regarding using this method to make money with Tumblr: many … Continue reading

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