Get More Followers on Tumblr: Follow for Follow

Users across all blogging platforms ponder the same question: How do I increase my follower count? Its completely understandable, because we all need people to read what we say. I dont think that even the most cunning bloggers would know how to make money blogging without readers.

In this article, Ill advance your journey of learning how to make money blogging, in teaching you something that is key to making money with Tumblr: how to get more Tumblr followers by using the follow for follow method.

Follow for follow, and follow trains

This is one of the most obvious methods to get more Tumblr followers; its based on the concept of following someones content in exchange for them to follow your content, which is very common on Tumblr. Many bloggers on Tumblr see it as common courtesy to follow you back, but we wont get an influx of followers by assuming people will follow us back.

How to get more followers

Search Tumblr for follow for follow and youll find Tumblr blogger after Tumblr blogger asking to make the exchange. Work your way down the list, and then track the search term. This will give you instant access, with the click of a label, to following opportunities.

Its tedious work, but your exerted effort will be paid off by your results. If you continue to do this for a while, you can grow an impressively large following. How quickly this is done depends on how often you work, and your work rate: if you can spend an hour a day opening, clicking and closing, then this method will work excellently.

Encountering follow trains

On Tumblr, you will occasionally stumble across follow trains, which are little golden nuggets. Be happy when you see them, because if they are thriving (MANY notes), you will have access to a list of thousands of bloggers willing to follow for follow. From personal experience, bumping into 25,000 follow for follows is enjoyable!

The disadvantage

Ive made the professional conclusion that the only signifcant con that you will encounter when employing this method is that the followers are not necessarily targeted. There is one way that you could increase the chance of your followers being targeted, and that is by deciding to post content that would appeal to the predominant amount of users on Tumblr. To appeal to teenagers, teenage girls specifically, you could post items of content such as popular music, film, and image macros.

The disadvantage of having untargeted followers is that theyre less likely to appreciate your content. But this does not matter as much on Tumblr, because a blogger that youve done a follow for follow with is unlikely to unfollow you as this is frowned upon.

White hat approved

This method is completely white-hat, in that it does not break the rules of Tumblr. I strongly advise that you dont transform the follow for follow method into an automated method, as appetising as that sounds. Thats a forbidden fruit, but the bidden fruit is still very tasty.

How have you increased your follower count? Please share your opinions and experiences. Ill be most pleased to see comments and will respond to them as soon as possible.

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