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11 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2012

1. Promote your blog with Pinterest.┬áPinterest is a source of traffic that can swarm your website with visitors in fact, in January 2012 Pinterest sent flocks of traffic to retailers that amounted to more than that of Google+, Youtube and LinkedIns referral traffic. One must consider the predominant geographic of Pinterest users, which is females from the U.S. 2. Drive traffic with a Facebook page. Facebook can be a brilliant source of traffic, but it involves building your page in the first place. Do this by creating hot Facebook status (promote it with Twitter, your newsletter etc.), and asking … Continue reading

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Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog with Forums

Forums are online discussion boards that cover almost every topic you could think of, and probably those in your mind as well. This means that there are probably hundreds of different forums that cover your blogs niche. We can utilize forums to drive targeted traffic towards your blog. The appetizing benefit of employing this method to generate traffic is that the traffic is targeted, because youre attaining visits from people discussing the topic of your blog. Its important that this method to gain traffic is executed carefully though, as if it is done without thought it will just be classified … Continue reading

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Dont Underestimate Email, an Incredible Promotional Tool

Forget about being overwhelmed by managing your chaotic list of social media accounts, and eradicate the idea that social media is┬ádeleterious┬áto email. Email is still growing rapidly, and social media hasnt blemished it at all. According to 2010 statistics,┬á2.8 million emails are sent every second. Everyone, in every industry, has an email address that you can contact them on. I will be amazed if someone could think of an industry that doesnt use email as a choice of contact. If you knit, your peers can be contacted by email. If you are a plumber, your peers can be contacted by … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

There are ever so many ways in which we can get traffic to our blogs. Some of these methods are mind-blowingly simple, while others are somewhat more complex. In order to make money from your blogs, which (obviously) this blog is about, you need to first get traffic to your blog. Ill tell you 10 ways to do that in this article. 1. Post Comments on Blogs If youd like your traffic to be targeted (which is valuable traffic, because your visitors will be interested in your content), you should comment on blogs that are relevant to your niche. The … Continue reading

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