Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog with Forums

Forums are online discussion boards that cover almost every topic you could think of, and probably those in your mind as well. This means that there are probably hundreds of different forums that cover your blogs niche. We can utilize forums to drive targeted traffic towards your blog.

The appetizing benefit of employing this method to generate traffic is that the traffic is targeted, because youre attaining visits from people discussing the topic of your blog.

Its important that this method to gain traffic is executed carefully though, as if it is done without thought it will just be classified as spam which could damage the reputation of your blog.

1. Find forums in your niche

For this method to work, you obviously need forums to post on. This simply involves a quick and efficient Google search of [your niche] forum. Choose a few forums that have not been plastered with spam and show signs of significant activity (many registered users on, recent thriving threads).

Register on the chosen forums, and choose your username as the name you blog with, for instance, my name on forums is Paul Waters. The benefit of choosing a real name as opposed to a moneymaker1 is that the real name adds a layer of credibility and reassurance that the member is real.

2. Put your blog in your signature

For this to work, you must insert your blog into your signature this is how youre generating the traffic. Because you want people to click the link, you need to make it appetizing, which you can do by with a juicy title, description and the use of images (if the forum lets you).

If you want to refer them to a particular article or page that you believe theyll be impressed with, do so, but consider that most webmasters like the majority of traffic to visit through the index page/homepage.

To prevent spam, most forums will require you to build your post count before you can edit your signature/give links in your signature; thus, read step #3 and then return to thus.

3. Compose contributive posts

Its vital to the success of this method that your posts arent frippery spot-the-dog, just as it is with publishing posts on your blog or writing guests posts. Produce paragraphs that actually inform, and show a high level of expertise.

This will result in you being rewarded with Reputation or Thanks, which members give you to show that you bring forward high quality posts. If you have a high post count with an outstanding reputation, it will highlight your posts on the forums.

This will make people reading your post more inclined to click the link in your signature sometimes theyre just curious to see the blog or website of people theyre networking with, and other times they are hooked on what you have to say and want to absorb your information.

4. Share content

Its acceptable to share your article now and again, which you can do by incorporating it into a post. If there is a forum for sharing articles, you should utilize this, but only do so if you believe your content will genuinely be informative for your members. Also, dont overdo the sharing.

Please share your experience with using forums to get traffic, or ask any questions regarding it, and Ill happily respond.

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3 Responses to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog with Forums

  1. Hi Paul,

    Ive heard forums can be a great source of traffic to our blogs, however theyre something I havent taken the time to utilize although Ive read a lot of forum threads.

    As you mentioned, some forums appear spammy; all the more reason to choose wisely and set yourself apart from the others. I also like your idea of using the same name across the internet to build credibility. Smart!

    • Paul says:

      I understand entirely why you wouldnt take it up if you lacked the time to execute it efficiently. I do recommend that you employ it if you find some more time, or perhaps outsource the work, as you have the additional benefit of there being an abundance of forums relative to your niche.

      Thank you for your input Barbara. I really appreciate it.

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