Dont Underestimate Email, an Incredible Promotional Tool

Forget about being overwhelmed by managing your chaotic list of social media accounts, and eradicate the idea that social media is deleterious to email. Email is still growing rapidly, and social media hasnt blemished it at all.

According to 2010 statistics, 2.8 million emails are sent every second. Everyone, in every industry, has an email address that you can contact them on. I will be amazed if someone could think of an industry that doesnt use email as a choice of contact.

If you knit, your peers can be contacted by email. If you are a plumber, your peers can be contacted by email. If you are a fisherman, your peers can be contacted by email.

Importantly, we all check our emails on a regular basis. If we receive an email that has been written directly for us and awaits out response, we read it and we respond to it.

This is not an advantage that is present in social media. Think about how many times you have ignored a message on Twitter or Facebook. For exactly that reason, social media is not as powerful as email; on social media websites its very difficult for beginners, small fish, to communicate with big fish. This divide is entirely evident notice exclusive pockets of the most popular web designers and the most popular bloggers on Twitter.

Now think for a second. You can contact people in your professional community, including the highly influential chiefs, and have the almost definite guarantee of  being listened to and responded to.

Utilize this chance to promote your blog, and gather targeted interest. Its highly important that you dont get yourself a bad reputation by spamming your peers, as that will result in your website being labelled as lacking credibility and your expertise being dismissed, wasted.

Composing your emails

When writing the email, you must remember to keep it short. If you do not, you will bore the recipient, who is supposed to be captivated.

Reference a past piece of work, such as a popular article they have written; furthermore, compliment them on the work and tell them that you enjoyed it. This will help to build a relationship between you and the recipient which will increase the likelihood of a positive output from the recipient.

Write a clear and concise subject line, and make an effort to include a word or phrase to signify that the email will be quick to address.

When it comes to what exactly you would like your peers to do, its entirely up to you. You may simply want them to visit your website  to try and hook them in with an email subscription, or perhaps you would like them to broadcast your content with a Tweet.

Make an illustrious impression

As impressive as the power of email is, bloggers and webmasters have been communicating in this way to promote their blogs and websites since the dawn of the Internet. This means that, unfortunately, your peers wont be very easily impressed, as they flick through these emails on a daily basis.

The quote You never get a second chance to make a first impression, is greatly relevant. With every email you send, you need to aim give an eminent first impression; otherwise, youll face the masked rejection of your peers, pretending to applaud you.

To ensure that their first impression of you is illustrious, make the article that you are most proud of a featured post. If it is of good merit, whatever you requested for your peer to do is likely to be completed.

If you utilize this method of promotion, it will provide you with the exposure that you need to make money blogging.

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2 Responses to Dont Underestimate Email, an Incredible Promotional Tool

  1. Silky says:

    Hey Paul. What you wrote is so true. Email is probably the quickest, most reliable and cheapest way to contact the world in business. Especially now, when most people can access their accounts on the go, its the way to go!
    Silky from Math Software

    • Paul says:

      I appreciate your input, the affordability of such a quick and reliable way to contact people makes me happy to live in this century.

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