5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

There are ever so many ways in which we can get traffic to our blogs. Some of these methods are mind-blowingly simple, while others are somewhat more complex. In order to make money from your blogs, which (obviously) this blog is about, you need to first get traffic to your blog. Ill tell you 10 ways to do that in this article.

1. Post Comments on Blogs

If youd like your traffic to be targeted (which is valuable traffic, because your visitors will be interested in your content), you should comment on blogs that are relevant to your niche. The three most important and helpful tips that I can give you are:

  • Comment on blogs that receive a lot of traffic, theres no point commenting on blogs that receive little traffic. This strategy is not effective enough for that.
  • Be the first to comment, people reading the blog post are more likely to check the first comments, not the hundredth.
  • Say something useful. This strategy is not effective when you submit fluff, non-contributive comments. As well as it ruining the efficiency of the strategy, it will ruin your blogs reputation in its niche.

2. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts is a really effective way to get traffic to your blog. Set yourself a target, such as 2 guest posts a week, and commit yourself to responding to the comments and engaging with the readers of the article. Ensure that the content you right is of a great quality, as submitting spam content will not help you. If a reader, however, sees you giving valuable information and advice, theyll visit your blog for more.

To do this, contact bloggers within your niche and see if theyd let you submit a blog post. Im currently accepting contributive content.

3. Insert Your URL Into Your Email Signature

If you frequently send emails, it may be a good idea to advertise your blog the signature of your email. Don’t bother with this if you’re sending emails to family and friends etc., but rather to fellow bloggers and such. Most email providers allow you to choose what to put in your signature. This is very effective because people you send emails to will trust your link and will be interested in what you’re doing.

4. Ask Other Bloggers to Promote You

Its surprising, I know, but the blogging experts of your niche are actually real people. If you send them an email, explaining who you are and that youd like them to help you by promoting some of your content or your blog. They will probably not do this if your content is not of a good standard, and even if it is you should still be prepared for a no; notwithstanding, you may win their support over and receive a tweet or a link to you.

5. Pay for an Advertisement

Although putting advertisements on your website may be a planned source of revenue, or a source of revenue, paid advertisements could still be an effective way of promoting your blog. Thats not guaranteed. Experiment with programs like Google AdWords and BuySellAds which work advertising wonders for thousands of businesses, but dont fork out too much cash.

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18 Responses to 5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Harrison Li says:

    Great five ways, Paul. I reckon commenting and guest posting are the two main ways to get real valuable traffic. See Im commenting now haha.

    • Paul says:

      Ha, indeed. I see what you did there!

      Blog commenting is a terrific way of getting traffic to your blog. The most fantastic thing about it is that youre building your search engine ranking at the same time.

  2. Angela says:

    commenting is indeed a great way but sometimes on my blog link builders or sometimes bots leave comments that have no relation what so ever with the content of the article.

    • Paul says:

      Thatis very true. I find that Akisment works perfectly. I have never received non-contributive, or unrelated comments that werent filtered into as spam.

      Thank you for giving your input.

  3. Hi Paul, this is a great post with some great tips. I keep forgetting about guest blogging and how powerful that can be. Thank you for the reminder :)

    • Paul says:

      Guest blogging is a brilliant way of getting traffic to a new website. If you land a guest post at a very popular website, problogger.com for instance, youve done very well.

  4. Fashion says:

    Great! Ill try guest posts

  5. Peter says:

    I realized that most users now use back linking to have a high volume of traffic to there sites.

  6. Jeff says:

    I definitely agree with this post. Back linking gives your site a positive feedback from Google.

  7. Matt says:

    Blog commenting really provides backlinks and is effective in acquiring traffic for your site. Nice Post!

  8. Tea_man says:

    Blog posts sounds cool. Ive never tried it before. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for the tips but why no mention of social media? Does that mean you dont use it (or advise others to use it) to help drive traffic to a blog? Thanks again!

  10. Posting comments, writing guest posts, promotion through friends, paid advertisement are all beside but after you published your post its very important that you should have a strong social network on which you promote your post.

  11. McAuliffe says:

    Great list. What is a good way to approach a blog youd like to guest post on?

  12. Blog commenting for blog traffic is effective if you always make it as the first commenter. From the tips above, I find PPC the most effective way to get traffic to our blogs. Also from guest posting.

  13. Mary says:

    Participating on message boards related to your niche while including a link to your blog in your signature has helped my traffic.

  14. Thanks for the post. Im trying to learn about internet marketing and blogging at the minute, and I cant seem to find all the information in a single place. Instead Im going from blog, to article, to website (from pillar to post) trying to piece together the steps.

    Can any recommend a comprehensive IM based ebook or course or something?

  15. Solid list, Paul. My best experience in building links is by leaving comments. Consistently taking the time to comment on other blogs is the most effective way Ive found to increase traffic. CommentLuv has helped attract commenters to my site, too.

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