11 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2012

1. Promote your blog with Pinterest. Pinterest is a source of traffic that can swarm your website with visitors in fact, in January 2012 Pinterest sent flocks of traffic to retailers that amounted to more than that of Google+, Youtube and LinkedIns referral traffic. One must consider the predominant geographic of Pinterest users, which is females from the U.S.

2. Drive traffic with a Facebook page. Facebook can be a brilliant source of traffic, but it involves building your page in the first place. Do this by creating hot Facebook status (promote it with Twitter, your newsletter etc.), and asking questions which can get hundreds of likes and comments. The people that have  liked your page are interested in your content and thus, when you promote it via Facebook, you will see momentous traffic not only from the people that like your page, but from shares.

3. Start a #hashtag conversation on Twitter. Im not suggesting that starting a trending topic is a viable option for any small blogger, but it is certainly achievable to start a thriving discussion in your niches online community.

4. Comment on blogs with the Top Commentator plugin. Commenting on blogs is a classic method to promote your blog, but this is a twist on that. The top commentator is an incentive plugin, it encourages readership to comment on content and rewards the top commentators with the display of their name and link. This list is showcased in the sidebar across the predominant amount of blogs, and most pages on blogs have the sidebar enabled. Having your name and link across hundreds, potentially thousands of pages delivers two great benefits: the SEO benefit (tonnes of backlinks); and the benefit of referral traffic.

5. Posts your opinion on forums. This method will drive targeted traffic to your blog, because you should become a member of forums that focus on your niche. Register on popular and active forums on your niche and begin building a good reputation with some solid and credible posts that show a level of expertise. This expertise will encourage members of the forum to click the link to your website in your signature and perhaps embedded in posts that you make.

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6. Write guest posts on popular blogs.  This method will send you referral traffic as well as work on #7. Many small bloggers will see the idea of getting their content published on a popular blog as unattainable, but it is otherwise: simply send the whoever runs the blog an email. Most blogs are keen to except fresh and unique content, so they will be welcome to the idea of you writing a guest post in fact, they might even pay you for it. Do not write the guest post first, enquire first and ensure that you will be allowed to link to your blog in the author bio. Once you go through the process of getting your guest post published, stay alert on the article and respond to comments which will serve to make your article a hot topic (if the blog bases that on the amount of comments).

7. SEO (search engine optimization). Search engine optimization is nothing new, so Im pretty sure that I dont have to explain it to you. You may behold the opinion that this dinosaur method is no longer effective, but thats not true. Well, its true to the extent that weve had to abandon the sketchy antics of meta-stuffing. Ranking well in search engines involves building quality content and having quality backlinks from high PR websites. Another thing to try to rank well in Google is to use the Google +1 button on your page, which has been highly speculated to effect the search rank of your blog.

8. Participate in a blog carnival. A blog carnival is a virtual event for bloggers the host of the blog carnival picks a topic and bloggers write and publish an article revolving around the topic, and then send the URL of the article to the host. The host compiles a list of these articles and posts it to his/her blog. I assume youve acknowledged the obvious source of traffic that you will get if you employ this method.

9. Be the first to comment on popular blogs. Try and be the first, or one of the first, people to comment on a popular blogs new post. The post will see thousands of people, a lot of which will scroll down to read comments or post one themselves, often checking comments to see if there is a certain topic to discuss. If you are the first to post, and they are reading your content, they have the chance to promote themselves. Dont do this in a manner that is blatant self-promotion, such as writing visit my blog, as it wont even get accepted. Write a comment that displays a high level of expertise and is informative, and incorporate your blog by saying that you did this on your blog (or something similar - just make a slight reference). Curious readers will click your URL for more information!

10.  Submit your blog to a CSS gallery. If you have a new blog design, or your blog has always looked good, submit your blog to one of these galleries. These galleries showcase good websites, and they are quite popular, thus having your blog featured would be a good source of referral traffic.

11. Write and publish controversial content. You create a buzz if you publish something that is heavily opinionated; it will be shared across social bookmarking/media websites and referenced by people in your niche community. This is because the majority of the content on the Internet is repetitive and dull; your readership and the rest of the web something new. As soon as they spot this new and exciting content, itll be discussed and your traffic will spiral out of control in some sort of orgasmic frenzy. Remember not to go as far as to be insulting or racist!

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