Reform Comments into Discussions: 5 Ways

It's time for you to take an enormous leap forward, and conceive the idea that your comments section should not be that, but rather a section for discussion. The hallmark of every successful blog is thriving discussion, and you are damaging your blog by having a comments section full of frippery spot the dog. The purpose of this article is not to lure you into mimicking successful blogs; your blog will certainly profit by this monumental change: → Continue reading

Reap Magnificent Search Engine Benefits Using Google Alerts

If you ask an experienced webmaster how you should go about increasing your website's traffic, his or her fastest response will instruct you to rank well in search engines. And to go about this, you should employ search engine optimization, the act of improving your website's position in search engines. This can be an incredibly slow process, but I'll explain Google Alerts, a way of monitoring the web, to show you  how it makes things much quicker. Google, → Continue reading

Make Money With Tumblr Using Google AdSense

Tumblr, although a relatively new service, is a form of blogging. Sure, it's been polished and made as straightforward as possibly imaginable, but it's still a blog. This actuality means that we can use decade old methods to make money with Tumblr. It is actually very hard to think of a method that has been used to make money on the traditional blog, that can't be made using the newer Tumblr; for instance, Google Adsense has provided bloggers with → Continue reading

Monetize Your RSS Feed to Make Money With Tumblr

It is probable that if you've been reading this blogging and learning how to make money blogging, you know what an RSS feed is. For those of you who don't: an RSS feed is a method of delivering, and sometimes summarising, frequently updated/published web content. RSS feeds have become the range, and everyone uses them; from my blog, to the New York Times' blog, to your local hipsters blog. It is, again, probable that you have an RSS feed for your → Continue reading

How Regularly Should you Deliver Content?

Content is king, but how regularly should your content be delivered to your readership? There is no set time gap that you should follow when you deliver content, but there are a number of factors that all bloggers who want to learn how to make money blogging need to consider. You must follow a regular gap in between delivering content, doing otherwise will upset your readership: they may be annoyed or burdened by too many notifications from subscriptions, → Continue reading