The Key to Acquiring Currency via Blogging

Read. The intent of this article is not to get you to buy my enchanting eBook, or join my pyramid scheme. You have been told blatant lies by self-acclaimed "gurus" - there is no secret to making money from blogging. You ave been baffled by pseudo-entrepreneurs flaunting their complicated blueprints and astonishing algorithms for high conversion. There is no secret, although it might as well be one. It is the plain truth, that has been → Continue reading
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Expert Advice on: WordPress.Org or WordPress.Com?

Deciding on what blogging platform to use can be a difficult task, especially for your first blog; read this article to acquire an understanding of the difference between the two. The difference between and WordPress is the blogging software that is available for free download on, and is the, also free, online platform that employs WordPress software without the need to download it. When you → Continue reading
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Dont Underestimate Email, an Incredible Promotional Tool

Forget about being overwhelmed by managing your chaotic list of social media accounts, and eradicate the idea that social media is deleterious to email. Email is still growing rapidly, and social media hasn't blemished it at all. According to 2010 statistics, 2.8 million emails are sent every second. Everyone, in every industry, has an email address that you can contact them on. I will be amazed if someone could think of an industry that doesn't → Continue reading
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Get More Followers on Tumblr: Follow for Follow

Users across all blogging platforms ponder the same question: "How do I increase my follower count"? It's completely understandable, because we all need people to read what we say. I don't think that even the most cunning bloggers would know how to make money blogging without readers. In this article, I'll advance your journey of learning how to make money blogging, in teaching you something that is key to making money with Tumblr: how to get more → Continue reading
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How to Make Money Blogging with

Get paid to share your links! is a URL shortening service that we can, as bloggers, use to make money from. If you use to make money from your blog, you will be paid at a handsome rate of $4.00/1000 visitors. You won't be able to make your main source of income, but it can certainly make for a pretty amount of pocket change. How do I register for is further brilliant, in that it's irrefutably hassle-free → Continue reading
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