You Have to be Brilliant

The success of your blog is absolutely dependent on whether or not it is magnificent.

Blogs need to thrive to be successful, they cant just survive, not in the bitter reality that is the demanding Internet.

A few years ago, we all would have been able to make considerable bank from setting up spam blogs with terrible content, and the only way to do that was from getting organic traffic. No longer, amigo: Google and the other influential search engines have changed the way they rank websites which punishes these spam blogs.

This means that youre actually going to have to make an effort to achieve your success. Youre going to have to make a massive effort to handcraft a brilliant blog.

There are no shortcuts to success remind yourself this when youre composing content, sending a tweet, or building backlinks. Do not do anything that would lessen the brilliance of your blog. Work in a way that enhances your blogs brilliance; think of the work that you do as a very detailed polishing of a fine Church shoe.

Perhaps a lyric from Kanye Wests Monster will assist in demonstrating the idea Im trying to convey:

Do the rap and the track, triple double no assists

In this lyric, Kanye  broadcasts that he writes, raps, and produces his own tracks. Kanyes work drive is something that should be adopted by the blogging community: hes absolutely dedicated to weaving his product, his music, his fashion.

This is his pride in his work and himself. He is boastful and arrogant, but he backs it up he consistently delivers a brilliant product.

This is a short darn article, but Im not trying to rank for it in search engines. Im sending out a short message. You must keep this in your mind. Let it soak in.

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