The Key to Acquiring Currency via Blogging

Read. The intent of this article is not to get you to buy my enchanting eBook, or join my pyramid scheme.

You have been told blatant lies by self-acclaimed gurus there is no secret to making money from blogging. You ave been baffled by pseudo-entrepreneurs flaunting their complicated blueprints and astonishing algorithms for high conversion.

There is no secret, although it might as well be one. It is the plain truth, that has been avoided by those unwilling to work hard. The same people that have no pride in their work and no commitment to delivering a brilliant product.

Ill pass you my key. Its Patience. You must have it and it must be constantly utilized.

Building a brilliant blog, a brilliant product, is a Patience game. You are not assembling a tent, you are adopting the life of an intricate thatcher.

Be Patient as you learn

I wrote this piece to edify the importance of Patience. You should appreciate that this quality is apparent in you: you didnt skip back to Google or whatever source referred you to this article. You understand that you are not going to attain a magical secret to success.

This means that you havent adopted the silver platter bullshit of our age. Congratulations.

To ensure your success, you need to learn and be Patient as you learn. Make yourself the Da Vinci of whatever you write about, and how to blog perfectly.

Im teaching you and Im still learning. I have acknowledged that my work is not perfect and it is not the final product. There is always room for improvement, which means that there is always the potential to make money/more money.

Subscribe to my teachings and Ill edify you on how to do the blogging part. Find yourself some credible sources of information in your niche and study them thoroughly. Absorb every piece of useful information you encounter; you are now a sponge with ambition.

Although you are now the knowledgeable sponge of [niche] and blogging, you should remember to execute your ideas. Do not overwhelm yourself to the point of not doing any work; create and maintain an effective balance between learning and working.

Results will not be immediate

It can be a very long process. It probably will be a very long process. If you want a get-rich-quick scheme, consider taking up the career of a crack dealer or a hitman. Are you not up for doing that? Then face reality: it will take hard work, and you may wait months before you earn your first $0.01.

Im hoping that you already exert hard work, and if you read my blog youll understand how to convert that into effective results.

But you wont cash in immediately. No. Sorry. When I say this, by the way, Im speaking to the general readership; of course its true that anything is possible, there are infinite variables. There is God, if thats your thing. But I am willing to bet that none of my readership will become millionaires within their first month off starting.

Im not pessimistic, and I dont have a hatred for my readership. I just dont talk garbage.

I have learnt this from personal experience. I started bogging thinking that my brilliance (which I still possess, and so do you) would land me into life in the fast line within my first year. I was wrong.

Trust me, or fall into the ignorant trap: you will see success quicker if you focus on building a brilliant product. You need time to build a brilliant product. And for that time not to make you do stupid things, such as abandon projects, you need Patience.

Be Patient.


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