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You Have to be Brilliant

The success of your blog is absolutely dependent on whether or not it is magnificent. Blogs need to thrive to be successful, they cant just survive, not in the bitter reality that is the demanding Internet. A few years ago, we all would have been able to make considerable bank from setting up spam blogs with terrible content, and the only way to do that was from getting organic traffic. No longer, amigo: Google and the other influential search engines have changed the way they rank websites which punishes these spam blogs. This means that youre actually going to have … Continue reading

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The Key to Acquiring Currency via Blogging

Read. The intent of this article is not to get you to buy my enchanting eBook, or join my pyramid scheme. You have been told blatant lies by self-acclaimed gurus there is no secret to making money from blogging. You ave been baffled by pseudo-entrepreneurs flaunting their complicated blueprints and astonishing algorithms for high conversion. There is no secret, although it might as well be one. It is the plain truth, that has been avoided by those unwilling to work hard. The same people that have no pride in their work and no commitment to delivering a brilliant product. Ill pass you my key. Its … Continue reading

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How to Make Money Blogging with

Get paid to share your links! is a URL shortening service that we can, as bloggers, use to make money from. If you use to make money from your blog, you will be paid at a handsome rate of $4.00/1000 visitors. You wont be able to make your main source of income, but it can certainly make for a pretty amount of pocket change. How do I register for is further brilliant, in that its irrefutably hassle-free to sign up and there is no application process. Register on their homepage by clicking the Join Now button and give them … Continue reading

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Reform Comments into Discussions: 5 Ways

Its time for you to take an enormous leap forward, and conceive the idea that your comments section should not be that, but rather a section for discussion. The hallmark of every successful blog is thriving discussion, and you are damaging your blog by having a comments section full of frippery spot the dog. The purpose of this article is not to lure you into mimicking successful blogs; your blog will certainly profit by this monumental change: your visitors will subscribe to interesting discussions and become returning visitors; the content will gift you with positive change in search engine positions; … Continue reading

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Monetize Your RSS Feed to Make Money With Tumblr

It is probable that if youve been reading this blogging and learning how to make money blogging, you know what an RSS feed is. For those of you who dont: an RSS feed is a method of delivering, and sometimes summarising, frequently updated/published web content. RSS feeds have become the range, and everyone uses them; from my blog, to the New York Times blog, to your local hipsters blog. It is, again, probable that you have an RSS feed for your Tumblr blog. If you dont I advise that you read this article and then create one. Why should you … Continue reading

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