How to Make Money Blogging with is a URL shortening service that we can, as bloggers, use to make money from. If you use to make money from your blog, you will be paid at a handsome rate of $4.00/1000 visitors. You wont be able to make your main source of income, but it can certainly make for a pretty amount of pocket change.

How do I register for is further brilliant, in that its irrefutably hassle-free to sign up and there is no application process. Register on their homepage by clicking the Join Now button and give them the required details. When you choose your account type, choose the option to be a Link Shrinker  these are people that shorten URLs to make money. This is a method youll use to make money blogging with.

How does work? works by sending people that click your shortened URL to a temporary holding page, in which they display an ad. After a few seconds, visitors have the option to skip the advertisement. You will be paid varying amounts of money: the larger the proportion of traffic your blog receives is from the United States, Canada, Australia or Europe, the closer your pay will be to $4.00/1000 visitors; the larger the proportion of traffic your blog receives is from countries that are not as prioritised by advertisers, such as India and the Philippines, the less money you will be paid.

How to make money blogging with 2 ways

There are many ways to make money from, but well only be looking at two: shortening links that you put on your blog, and making money with referrals. The other methods involve showing ads to your visitors before they come to your blog, which will annoy them and result in the plummeting of your traffic.

1. Make money by shortening URLs

Ill explain how you can make money blogging with by using their main feature, their URL shortener. Ill firstly start with what you shouldnt be doing, whatsoever, and that is the aforementioned shortening of URLs that lead to your blog. By this, I mean that you should not shorten a link in your forum signature, or in the source of a promotional article. From personal experience, I can guarantee that this will not generate you much money, and will rather make the impatient people of today to return to their page they were on. What you need to do is shorten links on your blog. It wont be as incredibly tiresome as it sounds, in that you dont have to go back and edit all of your links, nor do you have to shorten links every time you place one on your blog. You simply utilize the Full Page Script, which can be found under Tools. Once you insert this script into your header, youre ready to generate money from visitors clicking on  your links. You can exclude certain domains from being shortened, and Id advise that you make those your own domain, and the domains of products or services youre promoting (as a referral, or an affiliate). This will prevent the money you make from those sources being damaged. To increase the clicks that your shortened links get, dont use links too often. It makes links, when you use them, look more valuable. Try and hype up whatever youre linking to, so your visitors are more inclined to click the links. e.g.: the brilliant and incredibly easy-to-use URL shortener,

2. Make money with Adf.lys referral program

I think you should be more impressed with the possibilities as I inform you on how to make money blogging using Adf.lys referral program, which pays you a most welcome 20% of your referrals earnings for life. Furthermore, if you have any webmaster traffic, youll be able to promote to advertisers, and from that you will see a 5% commission on all of the orders they make. When it comes to making money as a referrer, there are hundreds of ways you can do it. Firstly, offers an array of referral banners that you can employ in posts, or elsewhere on your page. Most of them would situate nicely on a sidebar (idea). Simply click Display HTML Code under any of the banners that you wish to display on your page, and it will display code with your referral link. Insert this code wherever youd like, but I dont suggest showing more than one banner, otherwise your blog will look like an ugly billboard. Another ways to get sign-ups is to review Adf.lys service with an article, in which you should detail the ways to make money with Ensure that you do three things when you write the article: keep the content fresh by looking at it from a different, interesting perspective; give it a good title and employ search terms so that it is picked up by search engines the more traffic you get, the more referrals you will get; and keep it short, because often long reviews bore readers. Happy earning! $$$

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