3 Tips That Work to Get More Tumblr Blog Followers

Once you've read my article 8 Tips to Create a Brilliant Tumblr Blog, you will want to learn how to get more Tumblr followers on your blog. I say "more" because it's a cakewalk to tickle your first 3 followers from what I'd define as getting lucky. Your Tumblr blog is your brilliant personal project, and thus I am sure that you do not feel satisfied with 3 followers. 3 is not a brilliant number. I pen this article with the intent of showing → Continue reading
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8 Tips to Create a Brilliant Tumblr Blog

 Creating a brilliant tumblr blog isn't rocket science. There are some great guides out there on how to create a tumblr blog. If you're a crack addict, you appreciate the warm feeling of strolling your mouse towards your Tumblr shortcut and making that crisp click. Or perhaps you're the type to enter a frenzy of frantically typing variants of "/t/umblrsdas/index.html" until you're corrected with the search term "Tumblr", to then clamber into the den and eat forbidden fruit after fruit. Yes, I did convey the similitude of crack cocaine and Tumblr. But, if you do use Tumblr, → Continue reading
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11 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2012

1. Promote your blog with Pinterest. Pinterest is a source of traffic that can swarm your website with visitors - in fact, in January 2012 Pinterest sent flocks of traffic to retailers that amounted to more than that of Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn's referral traffic. One must consider the predominant geographic of Pinterest users, which is females from the U.S. 2. Drive traffic with a Facebook page. Facebook can be a brilliant source of → Continue reading
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You Have to be Brilliant

The success of your blog is absolutely dependent on whether or not it is magnificent. Blogs need to thrive to be successful, they can't just "survive", not in the bitter reality that is the demanding Internet. This fantasticle article on passive income ideas is a great example of a piece that is chocked full of value. There are so many ways to generate an income from your blog these days. You can even use the skills you already have to provide a consulting service! You can learn more about that on Bengu. A few years ago, we all would have been able to make considerable bank from setting up spam blogs with terrible content, and the only way to do that was from getting organic traffic. No longer, amigo: Google and the other influential → Continue reading
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Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog with Forums

Forums are online discussion boards that cover almost every topic you could think of, and probably those in your mind as well. This means that there are probably hundreds of different forums that cover your blog's niche. We can utilize forums to drive targeted traffic towards your blog. The appetizing benefit of employing this method to generate traffic is that the traffic is targeted, because you're attaining visits from people discussing the → Continue reading
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